What's Happening?


JUNE 5-9: Earth and Beyond

From our Earth to Neptune to the stars and moon, this week we will focus on our solar system and outer space. Children will be encouraged to role play as astronauts and maybe even aliens!

JUNE 12-16: All About Dad

This week is dedicated to our DADS! Children will share stories and traits of their daddies and discuss things they do for their daddies and what their daddies do for them.

This Friday June 16th is ‘DONUTS WITH DAD’ 7:30-8:30

Dads please come early to enjoy donuts with your child/children in honor of Father’s Day.

We wish all of our DADS a FUN & FABULOUS FATHER’S DAY!

JUNE 19-23: Summer Fun


Learning activities this week will focus on changes in the summertime, fun summer activities and keeping cool in the summertime.

Please take a minute to refresh your child’s cubbie with cooler attire. Reminder please, no open shoes, crocs or sandals.

JUNE 26-30: At the Zoo

This unit revolves around the many animals found in zoos. Through a variety of books, songs and activities children learn about many different types of animals and their habitats. Your child is encouraged to bring a stuffed animal that represents an animal found at a zoo the share with his/her class.